Development Strategy

We work closely with landowners, institutions, developers, corporations and policymakers to formulate long-term strategies and execute individual projects. Seeing a project through from idea to completion is a complex journey – we understand this process well, and help our clients to find the best way to develop and to deliver a project, identifying opportunities for improvements and efficiencies along the way.

Urban Design and Town Planning

We understand the importance of design and town planning to a successful development outcome. We are experienced in working at scale – promoting and delivering a range of new communities across the UK – as well as resolving complex heritage, environmental and political challenges. 

Project Management

As well as strategic advisors we are project managers, and our expertise in each discipline reinforces our strength in the other. With particular experience in providing management services to support landowners in enabling the development of new communities and urban extensions, we have managed a number of unique schemes of varying complexity and over extended time periods and multiple phases. 

Public engagement and charrettes

Our work often requires significant and tailored public engagement strategies, particularly in the case of high-profile developments. We know how to communicate clearly and effectively with stakeholders, and we specialise in running charrettes, or public design workshops. Planned to engage the full spectrum of stakeholders within a compressed time period, charrettes allow designers and development professionals to develop masterplans and proposals alongside local residents and other parties. 


Our dedicated research team supports all the services we provide. Much of the work is project-focused, bringing context to the challenges that our clients are seeking to overcome, and academic rigour to the solutions we propose. We also undertake our own research initiatives, which feed back into the advice we give. When we can we share our insights, and we have published several books, alongside estate strategies, development frameworks and other publications both for clients and the general public.