Turnberry has provided strategic development and town planning advice to numerous landowners seeking to develop their land assets over the long-term. 

This ranges from those landowners with significant operational concerns, such as Cadbury Mondelēz International or Caterpillar, or those looking to improve and develop their holdings for major residential or commercial propositions, such as the Duke of Fife or Marquess of Salisbury.

Turnberry has substantial experience in facilitating new community projects, and is currently advising on the promotion, design and delivery of several new towns across the UK, totalling around 30,000 residential units. Our services include development strategy, town planning and advocacy, major planning applications and design coordination.

Our client list within this sector includes Moray Estates, Inverness Airport Business Park, Grandhome Trust, Scottish Government, Grosvenor, Edith Wharton Restoration, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Caterpillar, Perkins Engines, Elsick Development Company, Gascoyne Cecil Estates, Golden Isles CVB, Hughes Development, Charleston Parks Conservancy, City of Charleston & Long Savannah Land Co. and Te Rapa Racecourse.